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The Golden Key To Success -part2-

Networking 10/02/2017

Part 2

2- Be with Positive Thinkers

How to nourish your positive thinking habit?

  • You have to be with winners, not losers.
  • You have to be with people who will reinforce you and not put you down.
  • You have to be with people who expect the best out of you and who believe in your potential.

When you are with people who think negatively, who are losers, you find yourself adopting their opinions and beliefs.  They will drag you down with them.

When you are with people who think positively, who are winners, you find yourself thinking optimistically and positively.  They will reinforce your positive thinking habit.


3- Feed Your Mind with Positive Thoughts

 How to sustain your positive thoughts?

 You nourish your positive thoughts with

new ideas otherwise they will wilt and wither away.

You nourish your positive thoughts by

reading books and magazines that are consistent with

the person you are striving to become and goals you want to attain.

Biographies of successful and famous people are an excellent source of inspiration.

To be a great achiever, you have to follow the

footsteps of the great achievers

in human history.

4- Teach Others the Positive Way of Thinking

You become what you teach.  You teach what you are.  You only really know something to the degree to which you can teach it to someone else and have them understand and apply it in their own lives.


Teaching others will reinforce the positive way of thinking in your mind.  Those who you teach will then become your social circle of positive thinkers.


As you practice the G.K.N. T.Q.P. Positive Thinking Techniques, you will develop a positive mental attitude (P.M.A.).  Keep your mind focused on the task at hand and on the new person you are becoming.  It is how you see yourself, how you talk about yourself and how you act now, in the present, that is creating your future.


Be happy and Think positively!

When you smile, you use only 17 muscles;

but when you frown, you use 43



There are NO excuses for NOT being a positive thinker!

N  ever give up.

O perate with a sense of destiny.

E –  xpect to win.

X –  out negatives.

Consider all your options.

U tilize all your talents.

S ee  yourself a winner.

Expand your knowledge.

S ettle for nothing less than the best.


> Coming Soon Part 3 Peace of Mind

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