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The Golden Key To Success (Part 3)

Uncategorized 27/02/2017

Peace of Mind


Conquering negative thinking may require some

major changes in your life.


          That is why you now have to focus your attention on the highest human good in life, that of peace of mind.  Without it, nothing else has much value.  Because of this, you reach for it all your life.  You measure how well you are doing at any given moment by how much inner peace you enjoy

          You enjoy peace of mind when you are perfectly balanced in life.  Peace of mind, or harmony, is essential for the optimal performance of all human groups, from your relationships with your friends, family members, and business associates to the social circle to which you belong.

          Achieving inner peace must be a central organizing principle of your life.  It must become your major goal in life, above all your other goals.  In fact, you are only successful as a person to the degree to which you can achieve your own happiness, your own sense of personal well-being – your own peace of mind.

Minimizing the negative thinking habit and

 maximizing the positive thinking habit

are the most crucial steps you have made

 in attaining peace of mind. 

          By freeing yourself from the destructive negative emotions of fear, anger, doubt, guilt, resentment and worry, you are now ready to concentrate your mind power on the major goal in life of peace of mind.  Your peace of mind, your happiness, is gained by balancing the Four Essential Circles of Life.

The time to be happy is now,

The place to be happy is here,

The way to be happy

is to make others so.

The Four Essential Circles of Life

          There are certain things that are fundamental to happiness.  If these things are not met, you feel empty and unhappy.  The fulfillment of the Four Essential Circles of Health, Relationships, Financial Freedom and Knowledge greatly affects your peace of mind.  If the needs in one of the circles are ignored, then your peace of mind is disrupted.

— Health

          Your natural physical state is to have a healthy, vibrant body.  Your body is able to recover and become healthy and energetic when you stop doing certain things to it.  Vibrant health exists in the absence of pain, illness or disease.

          Vibrant health grows over time out of regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate rest, a healthy mind-set and by avoiding substances that are harmful to the body.

          If you achieve all kinds of things in the material world, but you lose your health, you get little or no pleasure from your other accomplishments.  You need to assess your Essential Circle of Health and ensure that you are paying the price for a healthy and vibrant body.  The price you pay depends on how much you have paid attention to your health during your life.

 — Relationships

Most of your happiness and unhappiness in life comes from your relationships with others, and it is your relationships with others that make you truly human.  The very essence of your personality is demonstrated in the way you communicate and socialize with your family, friends, and business associates.

The most important quality of personal leadership (as you will see in Seminar LVI, the Golden Key to Leadership is ensuring harmony and happiness among the people you are responsible for and creating a climate of optimism, enthusiasm and high morale.

          Harmonious and trusting relationships with others begin by you first looking within yourself.  Trust grows out of trustworthiness, out of the character to make and keep commitments, to share ideas, resources and information, to be willing to learn from and teach others and to make other people happy.  One of the most fundamental keys to successes which endure is your capacity to share with others.

      — Financial Freedom

          To be financially free means that you have enough money so that you don’t worry about it continually, as most people do.

It is not money that lies at the root of all evil;

it is lack of money.

          Achieving your own financial freedom is one of the most important goals and responsibilities of your life.  A feeling of freedom is essential for your peace of mind and you cannot be free until and unless you have enough money so that your mind is no longer preoccupied with it.

  At the same time, financial freedom cannot be achieved if you do not practice economic well-being.  This is based on the principles of thrift, industry, saving for future needs, and earning interest instead of paying it.

          One of your main aims in life must be fulfilling your Essential Circle of Financial Freedom without trusting this aim to luckSuccessful people are not lucky, they paid a price for their financial freedom, that of economic well-being through hard work and perseverance.  They were ready to receive the wealth they earned.


          It is the sure knowledge that you are moving toward the realization of your full potential as a human being that gives you peace of mind.

Knowing where you are heading in life is your compass to success.

Without this knowledge, without a compass, you remain lost and aimless. Seminar LIII, the Golden Key Skill, discusses in detail your path to success and how to set and reach your goals.

Once you know where you are going, you need the specialized knowledge of how to get there.  The components of the How to Get There are:

your continuous self-development


your access to information. 


Balancing Your Essential Circles of Life

  The Four Essential Circles of Life are interconnected and overlap one another.



If you are in debt or poor health, if you don’t have enough money,

if you are mentally stagnant, and if you are lonely,

you lack balance in your life and your mind is NOT at peace.


Once you see the Four Essential Circles of Life as interlinked, you realize that the key to balancing the needs in your life is to address, not ignore, all of your needs in the other Essential Circles

 You effectively solve a problem by looking at:

 — what is around a problem       what is connected to it

 — what can influence it                the problem itself


If you have a problem in the Essential Circle of Financial Freedom, for example – you are in debt – instead of ignoring your other Essential Circles, you focus on satisfying your needs in all the Circles:  in Relationships, you can seek support from friends; in Health, you exercise to relieve stress; and, in Knowledge, you can increase your knowledge of money management.  You address the problem itself by seeking other income generating opportunities.


You become empowered to balance the Four Essential Circles of Life and create peace of mind only when you see the linkages that exist amongst the Circles.  This is one of the strengths of personal leadership.

While management is problem-oriented,

 leadership is opportunity-oriented. 

Instead of seeing a problem as segmented, you begin to see it as part of a greater whole.  Opportunities for resolving the problem are easier to identify in combination with your positive mental attitude (P.M.A.).

The Principle of the Farm

The Four Essential Circles of Life are governed by the Principle of the Farm that simply states:

You reap what you sow.

You cannot harvest someone else’s seeds.

The external realities of your daily life have cycles of their own.  These cycles are natural processes which you cannot change but which you must recognize and respect.

A farmer plants his seeds in the spring, cares and weeds his

plants during the summer, waters, cultivates and expects a

bountiful harvest in the fall.

He cannot rush the natural process of growth

but has to obey nature’s seasonal cycles.

        In life, you cannot sow one thing and expect to reap another.  In each of the Essential Circles of Life, the natural cycle dictates what you reap.

You cannot expect a promotion or a bonus

                                      if you have not worked hard for it.

        You cannot have your dream house once you retire

                                      if you do not have sufficient income. 

        You cannot expect to become physically fit

                                      if you have never exercised. 

        You cannot expect positive relationships with friends

                                      if you constantly criticize them.


The problems in life come when you are sowing one thing and expecting to reap something entirely different.  That is why it is crucial for you to plan out your life and set your goals.

We will be talking about that in Seminar LIII,

the Golden Key Skill.  We will show you how to

plant your best seeds and harvest the best outcomes.

You will then sow and expect to reap what you sow.

To balance the Four Essential Circles of Life and achieve peace of mind, you need to look deep within yourself and analyze what you need to change in your life.  It takes courage to change.  In the next Step, you begin the process of change by eliminating the obstacles that are blocking your path to success.

Coming Soon The Courage to Change

if you missed part 1

if you missed part 2

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